History of the GILLESPIE HEREFORD RANCH in the words of Norah Gillespie

The Gillespie family purchased their first purebred hereford females at Agribition in 1976 from Harry Long and Dornace Bros. The following years heifers were bought from well known breeders in Saskatchewan and Alberta: Bygrove; Paul Dumonceaux; Wagner Bros.; Savage; Fiege; Odden; T&D Braun; Wilf Edgar; Stan Jones; Bert Anderson.

Our cow herd today is a result of some of these remarkable females. Some of the sires that had a big impact are ER Silver STD LAD 12J, FP Domino 1
10N, RHHR Packman 4ET.

Our goal is correct, good uddered, good footed, fertile, easy keeping cattle that have a quiet disposition and longevity that fill our customers needs, be it commercial or purebred.

We are striving to produce a cow herd that is easy fleshing, has lots of middle and has excellent feet and udders. We watch for markings and pigment, but will not sacrifice the traits we strive for just to gain markings. A constant customer comment we get is how much do-ability, middle and good udders our cow herd contains. This is what sells our cattle. Maintaining and bettering these qualities is not an easy task, but we feel our current herd bull battery will only strengthen our cowherd.

We welcome visitors at any time to view the cow herd and give their opinion
on the direction we are headed in creating our idea of the new hereford.

Gillespie Hereford Ranch - 2017 Bull Sale
March 24th, 2017 ~ 1:00pm MST, At the Ranch ~ Wymark, SK

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We would like to welcome everyone to our first annual bull sale held here at the ranch. On offer this year will be 29 yearling bulls and 4 coming two year old bulls(April/May born) as well for the first time in a long time we will be offering 4 registered replacement heifers. The yearling bulls were weaned on October 17, 2016 with an average of 785lbs. They are then all fed as one group thus enabling us, and you the customer, to compare them to each other on a level playing field. These bulls are fed for longevity in mind. They are fed at a rate of 1% of their body weight to a maximum of 12lbs day. The ration they are on is a 1/3 grower ration, 2/3 screening pellet and free choice hay. At this rate we are able to obtain a 3- 3.5 lbs/day gain.
We would like to congratulate both the Bircham Ranch and Burgess Ranch on another very successful “Rock Solid” bred heifer sale where they averaged over $2800 on 300plus BWF bred heifers. We are very proud that our genetics are playing a big part in their programs. Seeing customers have great success makes what we do worth while.
Please join us sale day for lunch and a visit. The bulls are available for viewing anytime and if we can be of any assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call.
Donnie and Donald Sr. Gillespie

Directions to Ranch:
From Swift Current: 18 miles south on highway #4 until highway 343 junction, 6 miles west on highway 343, turn south at Gillespie Hereford Ranch sign and go 1 mile, turn east at the graveyard and go 1 mile into yard.

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